Section 6050W

For the second time in the past year, the IRS Office of Chief Counsel issued a ruling addressing how transactions are counted for purposes of applying the de minimis threshold applicable to third party settlement organizations (“TPSOs”) under section 6050W.  In recently released PLR 201907006, the IRS considered the facts related to a payment processing service provided by a taxpayer to online sellers.  After considering the facts, the IRS ruled that the taxpayer was a TPSO.  The IRS then turned to the second ruling request, namely, whether the number of transactions for purposes of the de minimis rules are determined based upon the number of payments processed on behalf of payers rather than the number of times the customer receives payments from the TPSO through the taxpayer’s platform.  The IRS again determined that the number of transactions is determined by reference to the number of buy-sell transactions between buyers and sellers processed by the TPSO.
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